Rumah Dara Film

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Dara’s house, the house was overwhelming. killing a lot happening in this mesterius house. People with no one else can be a victim. Really?

The story revolves around the couple Adjie (Ario Bayu) and Astried (Sigi Wimala), Jamie (Daniel Mananta), Nature (Mike Lucock) and Eko (Dendy Subangil) went to Bandung to meet and pick up Ladya (Julia Estelle) Adjie brother.

The trip was a last attempt to say goodbye to Adjie Ladya the only brother he has not got along since Adjie Ladya blamed for the death of their parents. In essence, Adjie came to apologize and will go to to Australia to start a new life.

The meeting took place. Unfortunately, conversations Ladya Adjie and still could not get close, like before his parents died. Understandably people are still pembrontak Ladya Adjie blamed for the deaths of both parents. Grateful, Astrid able Ladya heartbreaking. Finally, the group Ladya Adjie want to come to Jakarta.

Downtown Jakarta, with pouring rain. On that trip, when a car drove slowly tiiba suddenly had to stop abruptly, when a woman named Maya (Imelda Therine) that the nervous and dazed condition was directly in front of the car, when asked, admitted Maya out robbed. Intended to help, Eko and the entourage approached Maya drove home.

When I got home Maya, on whom they go to rest as well acquainted with the mother Maya, a graceful and mysterious woman named Dara (Shareefa Daanish).

Unfortunately thousands of affection, sincere intentions and good intentions turned out to be the beginning of the disaster’s death. The reason, in this house that does not alleged that dreadful experience Adjie and relatives. The more tense when the emergence of Adam (Arifin Putra), a mysterious male figure. Clearly, Ladya very suspicious. in fact, Adam was ready to kill one by one guest at the house Dara Maya.

Who is the figure of Dara and Maya really? Then Adam was what he want? How the fate Adjie, Astrid, Ladya and relatives in the house? Good or killed?

To find out for sure, see a movie that will house Dara played simultaneously throughout the country biskop began January 22, 2010.

Title: Dara House

Genre: Horror Thriler

Cast: Shareefa Daanish, Julia Estelle, Sigi Wimala, Imelda Therinne, Ario Bayu, Daniel Mananta, Arifin Putra, Mike Lucock.

Author: Mo Brothers

Director: Mo Brothers

Producer: Delon Tio, Fredie Yeo, James Toh, Gary Goh

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