golden globe award winners

California – film and television stars the world gathered at the Beverly Hilton celebrating the Golden Globes awards to 67. Anyone who happily took home the trophy award?

Citing site The Sun, Sunday (17 / 1), the event hosted a British comedian, Ricky Gervais, following some successful movie creature rewarded Golden Globes.

Actor Christoph Waltz won the Best Supporting Actor by the film Inglorious Basterds. Meanwhile, Chloë Sevigny rated as Best Actress honor for television dramas and movies through Big Love. And, Alec Baldwin won Best Supporting Actor category for comedy and music television thanks to 30 Rock.

Drew Barrymore is also happy because it was selected as Best Actress in a television movie or miniseries for Gray Gardens. Following Kevin Bacon as Best Actor in a television movie and mini-series, thanks to striking at the Taking acting Change.

Meryl Streep is very enthusiastic about giving a long speech after the Best Actress award for musical comedy film Julie & Julia. Followed, Julianna Marguiles the Best Actress memenankang television drama through The Good Wife. Then, Michael C Hall Dexter holds the title for Best Actor.

Next, John Lithgow was named Best Supporting Actor in the television series Dexter. Meanwhile, Toni Collette won the Best Actress in television series and musical comedy thanks to United State of Tara. And, Mo’Nique was selected as Best Supporting Actress in the film Precious.

For the other category winners, Mad Men was crowned as the Best Television Drama Series. Michael Haneke’s The White Ribbon took home trophies for Best Foreign Film. As for Best Film Screenplay, won writer Jason Reitman in the movie Up in the Air.

Gray’s Garden Drew Barrymore won the Mini Series or TV Film Best. The Weary Kind, the theme song from the movie Crazy Heart took home the title for Best Original Song. Then, Playground Best Film Music Michael Giacchino achieved thanks to the film Up. Up also respected and entitled to the trophy for Best Animated Feature Film

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