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Steps to More Customer Referrals

One of the best ways to increase revenue and profits in a tough economy is to get more new customers who are already sold on your product, service or brand. These customers can be hugely profitable because they require very little marketing or sales costs. By the time they reach your door they have already heard good things about your business and they are interested in learning more. If handle them right a high percentage will become customers with little effort on your part.

Here are seven things you can do to increase customer referrals at your business. They’re not complicated and they won’t cost you a fortune. And if you do them well and consistently, they’ll help you build a better business. Baca entri selengkapnya »

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Bike Storage Shed: "The Access" Stores up to 4 bikes

Storage is always a problem for cyclists – you trip over the oily things in the house, and unless you’ve got a good garage, there’s nowhere safe or secure enough to leave them outside either. Wooden sheds? Bike nicking scum laugh at them. The alternative is a metal storage unit like the Access bike shed. Made of heavy galvanised steel, the Access has loads of well-thought out security features, such as twin shielded padlocks (included), reinforced and bolted double opening doors, and a huge gas-lift-assisted lid.
The Access all metal bike storage shed is a bike storage solution for up to 4. road or mountain bikes. Much more than just a metal shed, the Access cycle shed provides peace of mind for all your bike storage needs. Built from thick, heavy gauge, galvanized (weather proof) steel panels with a strong integral metal floor, a large easy lift (gas lift) lid and reinforced double door front access, this bike store is an ideal secure home for your valuable road and mountain bikes. Fitted with two external shrouded locking points and an integral locking bar, this stylish and compact bike shed is an exceptionally secure and versatile storage unit. Supplied with two free discus padlocks, a 10 Year Warranty and free UK delivery

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